Avid introduces new versions of Pro Tools!

Avid introduces new versions of Pro Tools!

This week Avid announced new versions of it's popular Pro Tools recording software, with three tiers aimed at every segment of the music industry. The new offerings include Pro Tools Artist for aspiring music creators, Pro Tools Studio for serious audio engineers and music producers, and Pro Tools Flex, a subscription bundle for professional audio post and music facilities. Here is a deeper dive into each offering:


Pro Tools Artist

Pro Tools Artist ($99 annual or $9.99 monthly subscription)

Pro Tools Artist is a brand-new offering specifically designed for the millions of next-gen music creators looking to produce great songs, and includes everything needed to make beats, write, record, and mix studio-quality music. And as the Pro Tools session format is the industry’s universal language, they can take their project to any producer or studio around the world to collaborate and take their music to the next level. With thousands of inspiring instrument sounds and loops, and over 100 included plugins, as well as easy-to-use MIDI tools and the industry’s most powerful editing and mixing workflows, aspiring music creators now have a professional yet affordable solution to create any style of music.





Pro Tools Studio

Pro Tools Studio ($299 annual or $39.99 monthly subscription)

Pro Tools Studio enables serious music creators, producers and engineers to easily create large projects. Pro Tools Studio builds on the current Pro Tools offering with numerous enhancements like increased track counts, surround and support for Dolby Atmos® mixing and advanced automation features (both previously only available in Pro Tools Ultimate), and more. Current Pro Tools subscribers and perpetual license customers with active plans will automatically transition to Pro Tools Studio and receive all of the software enhancements, enabling them to create spatial mixes and bigger productions than ever before.





Pro Tools Flex

Pro Tools Flex ($999 annual or $99.99 monthly subscription)

Pro Tools Flex is Avid’s solution for high-end music professionals, as well as audio post and music facilities, requiring the full power and advanced workflows of Pro Tools to tackle the most challenging and complex projects. Pro Tools Flex is a subscription bundle that includes an enhanced version of Pro Tools Ultimate software, plus additional content and third-party software, to deliver an unprecedented level of performance. Active Pro Tools Ultimate subscribers will receive the full Pro Tools Flex subscription bundle, including the latest version of Pro Tools Ultimate, while Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual license customers with active plans will receive the Pro Tools Ultimate software enhancements.





New Features

Along with these tiers, Avid has released some great new features to help artists and creators get the most out of their subscription.

New Virtual Instruments
Along with the three new Pro Tools software offerings, Avid is introducing two new virtual instruments, Pro Tools | GrooveCell ™ and Pro Tools | SynthCell ™, as well including bundled content from strategic partner SoundFlow, to enhance workflows ranging from beat and music creation to advanced editing workflows and spatial mixing and monitoring.

Pro Tools | GrooveCell is a virtual drum machine and sequencer for Pro Tools that makes it easy to create intricate beats and drum patterns, while Pro Tools | SynthCell is a virtual synth that delivers dynamic polyphonic synthesis in an easy-to-use, yet powerful instrument. Both virtual instruments come bundled with all three Pro Tools offerings (both subscription and perpetual) which—along with the existing collection of included virtual instruments, sounds, and loops—provide music creators with a comprehensive sonic palette.

SoundFlow Integration
SoundFlow is a state-of-the-art workflow automation platform that enables Pro Tools users to reduce complex, many-step tasks to single keystrokes or presses on a touch surface. SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition is included with all annual Pro Tools Flex subscriptions, providing access to over 1,600 prebuilt macros and commands for Pro Tools that can be custom assigned and triggered by keyboard shortcuts, MIDI controllers, and HID devices. Whether bouncing stems, navigating plugins in large sessions, or triggering complex workflows, SoundFlow saves users significant time and enables them to stay in their creative flow.


These new Pro Tools offerings, complete with the additional virtual instruments and SoundFlow integration, are available at Pixel Pro Audio. To learn more, visit https://www.pixelproaudio.com/collections/avid-pro-tools

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