Arturia Synthesizers Now Available

Arturia Synthesizers Now Available

We have been bringing on a lot of new brands over the past year. One we have been quite anxious for is Arturia. If you don't know the brand, you will very soon. They are most known for their synthesizers and drum machines, but they also have great keyboard controllers that include the very impressive Analog Lab software. Today, we will take you through a few of our favorite Arturia products.

MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer - $299

2F897184943C056F30AF5BADF806BBB4 The MicroBrute is a performance-based analog synthesizer that pays homage to the MiniBrute. This 25-key monster packs a lot more than it shows. It has all of the classic synth controls (LFO, four Oscillators, Envelope, Resonance, etc), and also has a few extra features. For starters, it has a built-in sequencer that allows the user to save 8 patterns of 64 steps. This sequencer has a Tap Tempo and a Rate control. It is also clockable via external gear and even your DAW! As you can see if the upper-right corner, it includes two small patch cables that connect control voltages to different parts of the synth via Mod Matrix. This is a feature unheard of in this price range. We have longer patch cables available so you can connect the MicroBrute to other analog gear.

DrumBrute Drum Sequencer - $449

6C404D5733FAC895D348730BF9E1114C   The DrumBrute is a very advanced drum sequencer with more features than any other in its class. Unlike other drum machines, Arturia introduced a "randomness" feature. This is especially useful on high hat parts, but can be used on any track. Randomness will trigger the selected track at random times during the sequence to bring a little life to your tracks. The part about this that impressed me the most is that in addition to the mix output, every single track has a dedicated output that you can run into a mixer or audio interface and mix later on in your DAW. This is something you won't see anywhere else!

KeyStep Controller - $119

3923D50A32B7550323917F221E7D2F65 They Keystep is a lot more than your average keyboard controller. It features a sequencer that can be clocked to your DAW or external gear. The built-in arpeggiator is extremely versatile. It allows you to change the rate, pattern and hold notes while being synched with the clock source. Arturia also put a twist on the Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend. Instead of being wheels, they are very sensitive touchpads that work seamlessly.

KeyLab 49 - $349

06146E8DF9577B990FFFD64C7E94C1E7 The KeyLab 49 is a rugged keyboard controller with tons of flexibility. The really special part of this one is the included software - Arturia's Analog Lab. This software has over 6,000 presets of classic hardware synthesizers. When you open up Analog Lab, the KeyLab 49 automatically maps to the software. Within seconds, you have tons of the classic, famous synthesizers at your fingertips. As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474 or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton! Be sure to check out our other articles here.

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