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Amazing Focusrite/Novation Deals!

It's that time of year when Focusrite has some of the best deals around! Now until March 31, you can save 10% on a Clarett 8Pre and 8PreX. That's up to $130! All new interfaces by Focusrite now include almost $300 in software plug-ins like the Red 2 and Red 3, and the Softube Time and Tone Bundle! The Clarett line is very impressive and has some of the most innovative Thunderbolt interfaces available. It is the only interface that allows you to track with virtually any plug-in on any track, affecting the sound before it reaches your DAW. Other Thunderbolt interfaces have built-in DSP that limit you to just the processors available from that company. The Clarett line also have a preamp blend feature that allows any blend between the classic Focusrite preamps and the legendary ISA preamps. At this price point, there really is no better option for the heart of any professional or project studio. If you are looking for a USB or Firewire alternative, then you cannot go wrong with a Saffire Pro 40 or a Scarlett 18i20! I've been using the Focusrite preamps and converters for years, never with bad results. These interfaces have been favorites by studios all around the world, and this month you can save $50 on both of them! circuit-mm-bundle Novation is joining in on the savings by shaving off $40 on the brand new Circuit Groove Box! These synthesizers are unbelievably intuitive and easy to use. Compact and battery-powered, the Circuit truly stands alone. You can create entire tunes from scratch without a laptop, then save them and play them back live. You don’t even need speakers, because it has a one built in. Of course, Circuit will plug in to your sound system and work with your computer and other synth gear too, via its Line outputs, USB and MIDI ports. For those partial to using a computer, the Launchpad Pro is a great option that includes Ableton Live Lite software and another $40 in savings! The Launchpad Pro is the premium grid controller tailored to Ableton Live. You can customize nearly every part of the software and the grid controller to fit the way you prefer to make your music. Both the Circuit and the Launchpad Pro have an option that include a free 1/8" to MIDI cable! These deals are only valid until the end of March, so make sure you give us a call at 855-269-0474 before time runs out! As always, enjoy FREE shipping on every order. Be sure to check out our other articles and stay up to date on all the new gear rolling in! Psst...we also have a lot of good b stock deals. Give us a call to find out more.

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