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Akai Tom Cat and Timbre Wolf Have Arrived! -

Building on the success of the Rhythm Wolf, Akai has two new analog based units that just hit the street. The Timbre Wolf and the Tom Cat. Both are unique sounding, and well worth a listen. We have both in stock and ready to ship. Akai Timbre Wolf - $499.00 akai_0019_timbrewolf_ortho_1200x750_web_1 Configurable as 4 mono synths, a 4-voice unison or a 4-voice polysynth, Timbre Wolf bares a beastly sound and features our high quality 25-key custom Akai Pro keybed. Easily customize the sound of each voice independently as you play, and Timbre Wolf also features a 32-step sequencer for each voice. An LED display and Octave ± controls gives you visual command of your sound and amazing flexibility. In Timbre Wolf we present a beautifully designed, wildly versatile analog synth that sounds as great as it looks and is ready to howl in studio and on stage.   Akai Tom Cat - $199.00 akai_0016_tomcat_ortho_1200x750_web Tom Cat is an exciting true analog drum machine with five built-in percussion voices, including kick, snare, and clap sounds with chromatically tunable Disco Toms. On-board controls—all continuously variable—let you customize the tuning, amplitude envelopes, and volume of each drum voice separately for precise real-time adjustment, so you can get that perfect sound. Outfitted with six MPC-style pads and a built-in 32-step sequencer, Tom Cat provides an ultra-responsive interface with a classic drum machine layout. Drum patterns can be fine-tuned using the Swing function, Pattern Select, and Tempo Control knob. A custom signal path, activated by its unique “Maul” circuitry, lets you ‘dirty up’ your drums for just the right effect.

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