AES 2023 New Gear Releases

AES 2023 New Gear Releases

The annual AES show took place this past week in New York City (October 25th-27th). It was a very productive event hosted by the Audio Engineering Society that’s currently in its 75 year! It was exciting to see a lot of new interesting products being revealed lately and we are going to provide our list of the top new pro audio gear! 

If you’re not familiar with the AES Show, it’s an annual convention where manufacturers can showcase new product reveals and where leading professionals in the audio industry provide simulations, seminars, and demonstrations of all types of gear and systems. It’s a great place to watch to see what the latest and newest gear and trends are!




Since Pro Audio is our specialty, we have monitored the releases of some great new gear and have compiled them into our “Must-See” list. In no particular order, here are some awesome new products!



Allen & Heath Avantis Solo - $9499

The Avantis Solo is the new smaller version of the Allen and Heath full sized Avantis mixer. It has 12 faders, with capabilities of the same 64-channel capacity as its big brother. It’s got FX processing, touchscreen, 18 assignable Softkeys, and of course you can enable the Solo into stand alone mode



SoftTube Console 1 MkIII - $899

SoftTube has updated their flagship mixing controller Console 1 to a MKIII. It’s bigger and comes with new control sections which include DAW control buttons and preamp section. They’ve redesigned the look and feel, now having two color LCD screens for feedback. 



Solid State Logic

Two new outboard gear pieces give any recording studio an option for amazing mic pres. Designed off of the PureDrive mic pres on the Origin console, the Quad and Octo offer outboard solutions for small or larger studios. The mic pres can be switched between three Drive modes; Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive. That provides high quality diversity in sound choice as does picking between 4 channels or 8!
PureDrive Quad - $1399.99
PureDrive Octo - $2499.99



Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig - $1299

The 16Rig has a lot of versatility but we’d describe it as a super synth hub! It has 16 analog inputs, ADAT i/o, MIDI i/o, and a ton of other outputs. The biggest interface in the AudioFuse series, this is a perfect interface for any size studio with the expandability to record anything you can throw at it. 



Black Lion Audio Revolution EXP - $799.99

BLA has announced a new piece of gear, a new AD/DA converter, the EXP! It’s great to see a mid-range priced converter on the market, giving engineers a new attractive option for great conversion and clocking. And since BLA got their start in this area of the audio business, it stands to reason this will go over nicely! It’s got 8in/8out TRS connections and 16 ADAT channels. 



Heritage Audio Grandchild 670 - $1999

Continuing Heritages Audio’s ever-growing vintage 500 series pieces, they release the Grandchild 670. As the name suggests it’s the “descendant” of the Herchild 670 but this time it’s a 500 series module. This a 2-unit, tube stereo compressor that delivers guaranteed warmth and punch! $1999


There's More!

Some notable mentions, that although weren’t released during AES, they’re new since the summer and we have to share this cool gear with you!

Warm Audio WA-1B - $1199

The WA-1B is a modern clone of the extremely popular Tube Tech CL 1B tube optical compressor. It delivers very smooth compression with tube warmth that's excellent on not just vocals, but guitars and other instruments.



Heritage Audio R.A.M. 1000 - $499

The latest edition to the R.A.M Series, the R.A.M 1000 features an attractive Marconi-style 24-step rotary switch for volume as opposed to cheaper stereo potentiometers. It has no insertion loss, so there’s no extra coloration or signal loss at any settings. Very small footprint!


AKAI APC64 - $399

The new APC64 features 64 RGB velocity-sensitive pads with poly aftertouch, and 8 fully assignable Touch Strips for instant hands-on control of devices, pitch, modulation, and much more. APC64 also works as a standalone 32-step 8-track Step Sequencer and controller with 3 MIDI ports and 8 CV/Gate outputs to take full control of synths, drum machines, or modular rack devices.



Shure SM7db - $499

The new SM7db now has a built in preamp giving you a boost up to +28 dB. It's basically the same mic as the original SM-7b but has licensed in-line gain booster technology from Cloud Microphones. They have future-proofed themselves with a new mic that will be loved by streamers, gamers, engineers, and artists for a long time!




Zoom R4 - $199.99

Zoom has introduced the R4, basically a handheld multitrack recorder, but can also be an interface!. With 2 inputs and a built-in mono microphone, you can record up to 4 tracks at a time, but are able to mix them down to a bounce track as many times as you want. It comes with built-in track and input effects, along with a preloaded rhythm section.  



Focusrite Scarlett 4th Gen Interfaces - $139.99 - $279.99

Focusrite has upgraded their Scarlett line to 4th Gen! They have a lot of new features including an Increased dynamic range to 120dB, Bolstered Air Mode, Loopback, Auto Gain, Clip Safe Mode, and a ton of included software. Great value at a great price!


Click and type in the search bar above to browse great gear! You can place your order, pre-order, or special order all from right here at Pixel Pro Audio!

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