Aaaoooo! The Akai Rhythm Wolf Lands at Pixel Pro Audio

Aaaoooo! The Akai Rhythm Wolf Lands at Pixel Pro Audio


It's a rare day when nearly everyone at Pixel Pro Audio is transfixed with a new  product. The Rhythm Wolf has done just that. The Rhythm Wolf is the new analog drum machine from Akai. It comes in at an extremely affordable $199.00 price. Check it out here. Most old analog drum machines cost many times this, and quite frankly don't sound as good as this awesome beast. The first time I turned the "howl" knob I giggled, and I'm not the giggling kind of guy. This thing is pure fun to play with. The best part is it combines the old analog sound we all love with all of the modern digital features we've come to expect in our gear. That means USB Midi to control it with your favorite DAW, standard MIDI ports, as well as 1/8" gate trigger inputs. Stop by our store in Appleton, WI to check it out. Outputs:

  • 5-Pin MIDI Out/Thru
  • 1⁄8-inch Gate Trigger Out
  • 1⁄4-inch Bass Synth Out
  • 1⁄4-inch Balanced Main Out / Headphone Out
  • 5-Pin MIDI In
  • 1⁄8-inch Gate Trigger In
  • DC power In
  • 5-voice analog drum machine and bass synthesizer that bites back
  • Unleash analog beats with kick, snare, open and closed hi-hat, and variable accent percussion
  • Bass synth with selectable waveforms for fierce, growling bass lines
  • Onboard 32-step sequencer with classic drum machine workflow
  • Six custom-calibrated MPC-style pads for sequencing and finger drumming
  • Gate Trigger In/Out, MIDI In/Out, and USB MIDI for syncing with analog gear, digital hardware, and DAWs
  • Custom "Howl" distortion effect for overdriven sounds that scream
  • Dedicated knobs for dynamic amplitude control and tuning drum sounds
  • Independent audio outputs for drum and bass synthesizers

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