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3-Week Recording Class - Sign up for only $249!

Sign up for our Basics of Recording Class, a 3-week course for only $249!

  Many of our customers come into our store to buy their first recording interface, microphone, upgrade a preamp, etc,  and they have questions about recording, sound, or various aspects of recording studio life. In order to answer all of these questions, we built a studio control room! In this studio we will hold a 3-week course which will meet at our store in downtown Appleton, WI twice per week for hour and a half sessions to teach the basics of sound, recording, and mixing. The start date is June 6th and will be every Tuesday and Thursday night (6:00pm-7:30pm) for three weeks. In the first few lessons, we will discuss how sound moves and how microphones react to it. Students will learn the signal chain and how the analog sound we can hear becomes a digital track that we can edit, mix and hear again and again. These skills will be usable in any Digital Audio Workstation, like Pro Tools, Studio One etc... Deeper into the course, we will demonstrate and practice how to properly utilize EQ and compression for commercial results. You can also expect to learn about different microphones and where to place them for the best possible source tracks. To sign up for the next class, stop in our store in Downtown Appleton or send an email to If the group classes aren't enough, we will offer individualized lessons for all students who have completed the six-week course. Starting at $40 per half-hour session, you can bring in your mix and get help to sculpt it into a professional recording. We have very limited seats, so sign up soon!  

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