Audient Interfaces and Preamps Now Available

Audient Interfaces and Preamps Now Available

Pixel Pro Audio is now carrying one of the most respected lines of audio interfaces. Audient is famous for their high-end recording consoles. They have brought the same legendary microphone preamps from their mixing consoles into a compact, well-built portable interface fit for the home or project studio. In this article, we'll go over the interfaces and the very unique preamps you can use to expand your input count. There's a lot, so stick with us!

iD4 - $199

C7AB48F6D4DBA93AC7B3F1E131D89882 The iD4 is the entry level interface featuring one of the console preamps and a JFET DI input. I was really surprised at the smooth response of the DI. I compared it to a few others (one for $150, the other at $999) and the iD4 completely blew them out of the water. This interface is bus powered and very durable in an all-metal enclosure. This makes it a perfect solution for recording at home or on the road.

iD14 - $299

F5DA722C4A0699D71450698DB1FA48B6 For only $100 more than the iD4, the iD14 features one more console preamp, class-leading Burr Brown converters, an ADAT input for 8 more channels of inputs, and three function buttons. One for speaker volume selection, one for headphone volume selection and the last for Audient's Scroll Control technology. Scroll Control is a feature specific to Audient interfaces, and is available on both the iD4 and iD14! Here's a great video about its unlimited uses:

iD22 - $599

D09E03074BF5D69F4EA27E06561DD449 The iD22 is the flagship of the three interfaces. It has two built-in console preamps with a high-pass, phase reverse, 10dB pad and of course, phantom power for condenser microphones. In the monitor section, there is a large volume knob with a "DIM" switch for reducing the monitor level and a "CUT" switch for completely muting the monitors. The three function buttons on the side are totally programmable by the user. For example, you may want to have one switch programmed for mono, another for talkback, and the last for switching your monitor sends. On the rear panel, there are balanced sends and returns so you can use outboard compressors or EQ's while tracking. There are also two stereo sets of monitor outputs. If two preamps aren't enough, there is also ADAT I/O that can give you up to 10 inputs and 14 outputs!

ASP800 - $849

24030E48D39B81CE474EFC2A0BC3D7F1 With all those ADAT ports on the interfaces, Audient had to make amazing preamps to use with them. Naturally, each channel has the same console preamps. What is really unique about the ASP800 is the HMX MOSFET saturation and the Vintage IRON transformer drive on the first two channels. The console preamps sound great, but these two elements are taking it to the next level. Audient has tons of great videos on how to do some serious tone-shaping, but my favorite is the way they use it to totally open up the sound with just these two knobs. Check it out!

ASP880 - $1399

EB5A75CEA9FBF639E114CB985E1B7ED8 Finally, we have reached the ASP880. This is an 8-channel microphone preamp and converter with loads of headroom and tons of tonal options. Each channel has a sweepable high-pass, phase reverse, pad, and phantom power. What really sets this apart are the three switchable impedance values on each channel. The impedance can drastically change the tone, so having it on every channel is like having 24 different microphones that each give you amazing sounds. Both 8-channel preamps use Burr Brown converters for the cleanest possible conversion keeping your signal sounding the same in your DAW as it did when tracking. As always, enjoy FAST and FREE shipping on any order in the continental US. Be sure to check out our other articles here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a call at 855-269-0474, or stop in our store in Downtown Appleton!

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