Yamaha SPX-990 (SPX990) Digital Multi-Effect Processor

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This used Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-Effects Processor comes with an attached power cable.


This effects processor is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

A true 2-in/2-out stereo configuration that allows stereo sources to be processed without disrupting the original stereo image. Stereo inputs and outputs are all electronically balanced, with XLR and TRS phone jack connectors.

Preset, Internal, and Card Memory - 180 memory locations "on board". 80 of these are read-only memory. The remaining 100 are writable memory locations. Plug-in memory cards hold an extra 100 effect programs each.

Three-stage Effect Configuration - In addition to the main effects, the SPX990 provides programmable pre and post effects that can be used to refine and polish your sound.

In-depth Programming Power - The SPX990 has 4 programmable pre effects, 36 programmable main effects, and 3 programmable post effects.

Tempo-based Delay Time Programming - Delay time parameters can be programmed in terms of tempo or note length. Delay time can also be entered via a footswitch or MIDI clock data.

Superior Pitch Precision - The SPX990 achieves faultless pitch tracking through a new dynamic waveform analysis technique. In addition to the simple parallel pitch tracking the SPX990's "intelligent" pitch change creates appropriate harmony based on a specified key and scale type.

External Parameter Control - The SPX990 allows two selected parameters from each program to be assigned to two external MIDI controllers.

MIDI Control - The SPX990 allows MIDI selection of all programs, and real-time control of up to two selected effect parameters at the same time.

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