Yamaha NS-10M Vertical Studio Monitor Pair w/ New Woofers

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This matched stereo pair of clean Yamaha NS-10M Vertical Studio Monitors have brand new woofers installed and have matched serial numbers.


These monitors have brand new woofers installed in them! These speakers are in good condition with normal cosmetic wear, included a few dinged back corners. They have been fully tested, and work great. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The NS-10M is been painstakingly designed to offer superior near field monitoring performance in professional applications. This same superb performance makes the NS-10M an unbeatable choice for home recording and even audio listening.

Know with us that we WILL pack these very well, and do our best to ensure they get to you safely. I can't tell you how many times we've received Speakers/Monitors that have been poorly packed. They almost always come damaged if not packed properly. So buy from us and know we'll do what we can to get them to you safely.

This is a matched, A/B pair, not just two random NS10M's.

The NS-10M's are STILL the studio standard. If you're learning to mix, or just want to make great mixes, it's best to learn on these. Why? Because every studio you walk in will have these speakers. So if you know the sound of the NS10M, you can go anywhere and mix. Plus, when you get a mix sounding good on NS10M's, it tends to sound great on other speakers.

  • Woofer:
    The 18 cm (7" woofer features a conical straight cone formed from a sheet of specially developed paper material, achieving precise pistonic motion for accurate, distortion free reproduction. The cone weighs a mere 3.7 grams, allowing it to respond ideally even with extremely low input levels. Power linearity is superb from the lowest to highest input levels.
  • Tweeter:
    The 3.5 cm (1-3/8") tweeter dome is a laminated soft-dome type incorporating two specially selected resins. A unique manufacturing technique ensures perfectly even resin layers and forms the dome and tangential edge in one piece. The dome and edge unit weighs only 0.6 grams, achieving superb transient response with minimum distortion.
  • Enclosure:
    Only the finest audio-quality high-density particle board is used in this sealed bookshelf-type enclosure. A real-wood exterior with a black finish applied in 7 coatings adds rugged durability and beauty to professional quality sound.
  • Crossover Network:
    Low-distortion inductors and sealed MP capacitors are combined in a carefully designed layout to ensure smooth crossover with minimum loss and distortion.

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