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Yamaha FB-01

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This Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator comes with the attached power cable.

This unit is in good condition with normal wear from use, has been tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details:
The Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator is a 4-operator, 8-algorithm FM tone generator that can produce up to 8 notes simultaneously. The FB-01 may be set to be 8 instruments, each playing monophonically, one instrument with 8-note polyphony, or any combination in-between 240 voice memories are provided in ROM (5 banks of 48 voices), and 96 more voice memories are provided in RAM for your own voices. The voice data is compatible with the Yamaha CX5M's SFG-05 sound synthesizer unit, and you can easily create your own sounds by using external voice programming aid for the FB-01.

The configuration of the entire FB-01 (all settings for each instrument, MIDI channels, voice numbers, etc.) can be stored in Configuration Memory (there are 4 ROM presets and 16 user memories).

The FB-01 features a comprehensive implementation of MIDI. It will receive system exclusive event list messages to recognize and produce microtonal intervals or no-standard temperament, as well as many system exclusive messages for loading or saving voice and configuration memories.

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