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Shure KSM-32 Condenser Microphone

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This used Shure KSM-32 Microphone comes with a Shock Mount.

This microphone is in good condition with normal wear, has been fully tested, and sounds great. The shock mount that is included is an aftermarket shock mount that holds the microphone securely. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details:
An embossed single-diaphragm, ;side-address, cardioid condenser microphone for highly critical studio recording and live sound productions. The Shure KSM32 offers an extended frequency response for an open, natural sounding reproduction of the original sound source.


  • Voice: solo, background, voice-over, broadcasting
  • Acoustic instrument: such as piano, guitar, drums, percussion, strings
  • Wind instruments: brass and woodwind
  • Low frequency instruments: such as double bass, electric bass, kick drum
  • Overhead miking: drums or percussion
  • Ensembles: choral or orchestral
  • Room ambiance: guitar amplifier or drums

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