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Roland SRV-2000 16-Bit Digital Reverb Processor SRV2000


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This used Roland SRV-2000 comes with a Power Adapter.


This item is in good condition with normal wear, including faded controls on the front and a small indent on the top. This unit has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Roland SRV-2000 adopts the 16 bit linear A/D/A conversion system and 28 bit parallel arithmetic, allowing dynamic range of 90dB and total harmonic distortion of under 0.03%. This can present various reverb effects such as a natural and a non-linear reverb.

The 3 band digital parametric equalizer is built in, changing the frequency characteristic of the reverberation. The Room Simulate Button allows natural reverberations. The memory capacity that can retain up to 32 different reverb settings. MIDI Program Change message sent from an external device can recall the reverb settings of the Roland SRV-2000’s memory.

On the rear panel, there are various useful jacks provided, such as the Effect On/Off Jack, the Preset Up/Down Jack, and the Infinite Jack that can make infinitely long reverberation time, etc.

Reverb Mode
When the Roland SRV-2000 is set to reverb mode, it works as a usual reverb machine. The Roland SRV-2000 provides three basic types of reverberations: Room, Hall and Plate.

Room is a sharp, expansive and rich reverberation with high reverb density. Hall is a deeper reverberation with low reverb density. Plate is a bright and metallic reverb which is ideal for percussive sounds. When plate is selected, two plate type reverberations are provided, A and B, with B being a stronger reverb effect than A.

Non-Linear Mode
Non-Linear reverb is the reverb which is cut at the set gate time, therefore ideal for percussive sound such as snare drum. In the past, to obtain the same kind of effect, compressor or noise gate has been used. But now, the Roland SRV-2000 makes it much easier.

The Roland SRV-2000 features a 3 band digital parametric equalizer where the signal is filtered before going to the digital reverberation processor section. This equalizer section filters the reverb and non-linear reverbs changing their frequency characteristics separately. The equalizer section has no effect on the direct sound.

Memory Function
The memory function of the Roland SRV-2000 allows you to write the reverb setting you have made into memory. All the parameters used in the the Reverb, Non-Linear Mode and for Equalizing are remembered.

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