Rane ME-15 (ME15) 2-Channel Graphic Equalizer with Minor Issue

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This used Rane ME-15 2-Channel Graphic Equalizer has one slider that does not work and comes with an attached Power Cable.


100Hz on the right channel doesn't work. It doesn't affect the signal at all, it just sounds like that band is bypassed completely. Everything else works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The ME 15 is an extremely accurate, professional quality instrument capable of precise equalization down to a fraction of a dB.

You can expect several advantages from your constant-Q equalizer over conventional designs:

  • Moving one slider will not affect neighboring filters as much, so you won’t spend time re-adjusting sliders (we call this "equalizing the equalizer").
  • You’ll be able to obtain better feedback control without losing sound quality.
  • All sliders maintain smooth, consistent and accurate calibrated control over filter levels, which is especially critical in low-profile equalizer designs.

Because of this, the overall EQ adjustment process is significantly easier and more effective.

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