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The culmination of decades of development is distilled in this massive collection of plugins offered at an astonishing discount. The Ultimate Bundle contains 37 plugins that run the gamut and cover all your mixing and mastering needs and then some. The Ultimate Bundle offer these stunning award-winning plugins at the incredible discount of 75%.

This bundle contains: PSP 85; PSP B-Scanner; PSP ConsoleQ; PSP EasyVerb; PSP Echo; PSP HertzRider2; PSP MasterComp; PSP McQ; PSP MixPack2; PSP N2O; PSP Neon HR; PSP Nexcellence; PSP oldTimer; PSP PianoVerb2; PSP RetroQ; PSP StereoPack; PSP stompDelay; PSP stompFilter; PSP TripleMeter; PSP X-Dither; PSP ClassicQ; PSP preQursor2; PSP NobleQ; PSP BussPressor; PSP FETpressor; PSP Twin-L; PSP 608MD; PSP L'otary2; PSP E27; PSP Xenon; PSP MasterQ2; Lexicon PSP42; PSP 2445 EMT; PSP SpringBox; PSP oldTimerMB; PSP VintageWarmer2 and PSP InfiniStrip FIRE.

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  • PSP Audio Ultimate Bundle (Delivered via Digital Download)

We are an authorized PSP Audio dealer.

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