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Prism Audio Atlas Audio Interface with 8 Mic Pres, MIDI, and Digital Expansion Slot

Brand: Prism AudioSKU: SP-NPRA004Condition: Special Order


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About this Product

This is a brand new Prism Audio Atlas Audio Interface with 8 Mic Pres, MIDI, and Digital Expansion Slot.

Product Details:
Atlas is a world class multi-track interface which offers flexible expansion and unsurpassable sonic clarity. Using the latest generation of Prism Sounds trusted conversion, Atlas provides more preamps than Titan making it suitable for a wider range of recording scenarios.

    Prism Sounds history in developing test and measurement equipment for the audio industry has allowed our engineers to get a much deeper understanding of digital clocking and its associated issues.
    Atlas has a powerful built-in digital mixer that can be configured to provide a multitude of ultra low latency feeds, Including foldback to performers, stereo and surround outputs.
    The Atlas boasts 8 ultra-clean, low-noise microphone preamps that perfectly compliment its transparent A/D conversion (with software controllable phantom power, -20dB pad and Overkiller limiter switches on each channel.)
    With a standard USB connection Atlas can connect to the widest range of computers today and for the foreseeable future. Add to this the option of ProTools HDX and Dante modules for the most flexible and professional solution.
    Atlas & Titan support Prism Sound’s MDIO expansion cards, which provide alternative “host” connections. The “host” is usually a computer and the Atlas or Titan interface provides a means of connection between the host and the external analogue and digital audio I/O ports.

    The MDIO expansion slot provides an alternative host connection. It does not necessarily disable the USB port, but in the case of the Pro Tools interface MDIO-PTHDX, the USB port is switched off when the Pro Tools interface is to be used.
    Atlas’ front panel gives continuous visual indication of the unit’s main settings and levels, but in-depth control is managed from the Atlas Controller applet. This runs on the DAW computer, and can be popped up whenever adjustments are needed.

    The upper area of the applet shows a panel of ‘Global’ settings for the entire group of connected interfaces, and a panel of ‘Unit’ settings which is assignable to each connected unit in turn, using the enclosed drop-list. These settings are concerned with general parameters such as sync source and sample rate selection, metering and buffering modes. An ‘Identify’ button causes all the LEDs on the selected box to light, to assist with identification in multi-unit systems. To the right, there are large buttons for loading and saving setups, and for on-line help.

What's Included:

  • Atlas
  • Printed manual x 1
  • Software CD x 1
  • IEC mains lead x 1
  • 19" Rackmount ears x 2 (pair)
  • Allen key (for rack ears) x 1
  • USB lead x 1
  • XLR-F to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3) x 1
  • XLR-M to RCA-M adaptor (S/PDIF/AES3) x 1


  • Front Panel:
    • Instrument Inputs
    • 2 x 6.3mm mono jack sockets, auto-select to analogue inputs 1 & 2 when plugged
    • Headphone Outputs
    • 2 x 6.3mm stereo TRS Jacks, each with illuminated volume control
    • Master volume
    • Assignable encoder / push switch with halo indication
    • Standby button
    • with standby indicator (also flashes when unit is in 'identify' mode)
    • Level Meters
    • 10 x multi-segment bargraphs with overload indication, 8 for analogue, 2 for digital, assignable to inputs or outputs
    • Input selection
    • Indicate mode of analogue inputs 1-8 as Mic / line / inst with phantom power indication for mic mode
    • Overkiller
    • For every analogue input, lit when Overkiller limiters are acting
    • Digital Input
    • indicators for digital input unlocked and SRC (sample-rate converter) selected
    • Digital Output
    • indicator for SRC (sample-rate converter) selected
    • Sync
    • Master indicator, lit when interface is providing system sync
  • Rear Panel:
    • Mic / Line inputs
    • 8 x combo connectors with XLR sockets for mic input and 6.3mm TRS jack sockets for line input (balanced or unbalanced)
    • Line outputs
    • 8 x 6.3mm TRS jack sockets (balanced or unbalanced)
    • Digital inputs
    • 1 x RCA 1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical input; (RCA can operate as AES3 input using XLR-RCA adapter supplied)
    • Digital output
    • 1 x RCA 1 x TOSLINK for S/PDIF or ADAT Optical output; (RCA can operate as AES3 output using XLR-RCA adapter supplied)
    • MIDI I/O
    • 2 x 5 Pin DIN sockets (in and out)
    • Wordclock
    • 2 x BNC sockets, output and input (75R)
    • USB port
    • 1 x USB 2 port
    • MDIO Expansion Slot
    • For alternative digital multi-channel I/O
    • Mains power
    • 3-pin 6A IEC inlet

Warranty Period:  1 Year

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