Phonic PCL-3200 (PCL3200) Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter

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This used Phonic PCL-3200 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter comes with a Power Cable.


This processor is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The PCL 3200 is a highly sophisticated dual-channel compressor and limiter with gate. Each of the PCL 3200’s sections provides independent controls over threshold, compression ratio, attack time and release time in either "hard-knee" or "soft-knee" operation. Whether it’s to pull a "lost" instrument up into the mix, to control vocal levels, or to dial in hard-limited speaker protection, the PCL 3200 can accomplish the task with ease.


  • Selectable hard-knee/soft-knee compression
  • PEAK/RMS response selectable
  • Full input/output and gain reduction metering
  • Variable independent expander/gate
  • Channels can be coupled for true stereo operation
  • Bypass switch for each channel
  • Side-chain insert jacks
  • Variable filter settings
  • +4 dBu/-10 dBV switchable
  • Action LED display for gate
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 30 KHz, +/-0.5 dB
  • S/N ratio: >95 dB, A-weight

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