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MOTU PCIx-424 Audio Interface Card

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This MOTU PCIx-424 Card will ship in an Anti-Static Bag. This is the card only!

This card is in good condition with minor wear from use, and has been fully tested. Card only!

We recommend checking with the manufacturer for the latest operating system and hardware compatibility before purchasing this item.

Product Details:
The PCIX-424 card allows you to run your MOTU PCI core system on any Mac or PC equipped with PCI Standard (5 volt) or PCI-X (3.3 volt) slots.

In addition, the PCIX-424 card adds many additional new features over the original PCI-324 card, including:

  • A fourth Audio Wire port - lets you connect a fourth MOTU PCI audio interface to your system. Depending on your I/O configuration, this allows you to have up to 96 inputs and outputs at 96 kHz on a single card system!
  • CueMixDSP™ - a powerful processor dedicated to creating a custom tailored monitor mix of up to 96 channels of 96kHz audio. Because the mixing takes place on the card itself, instead of making the round trip from the PCI bus to the host processor, the PCIX-424 system provides the same near-zero latency performance as today's latest digital mixers. CueMix DSP completely eliminates the buffer latency associated with monitoring on host-based systems. Because the DSP is mixing for you, your computer's CPU is free for other tasks.

The MOTU PCIx-424 Card is compatible with the 2408, 2408 MKII, 2408 MKIII, 24I/O, 1224, HD192 etc...

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