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Fostex XR-5 Multitrack Recorder

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This Fostex XR-5 Multitrack Recorder does not have a working monitor output and comes with the Manual, Power Adapter, and a Cassette Tape.

The monitor output doesn't work, but stereo out works fine. All you have to do is use the master fader to adjust volume and go out of the Monitor output to your speakers. Works 100% like this. This recorder is in good condition with normal wear from use, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details:
The Fostex XR-5 is a multitrack recorder with four inputs (two of which accept mic signals), a multi-funtion mixer, and a high-quality high -speed four-track cassette recorder. The XR-5 allows you to creat multi-track recordings using techniques such as track bouncing, punching in and out by footswitch, and using the AUX send/return jacks for effect processing. From tape sync to mixdown, the XR-5 provides advanced functionality with simple operation.

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