Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Voice Processor Channel Strip

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This used Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster comes with a Power Cable.


This voice processor is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster contains all of the functions needed for microphone signal processing.

Class-A Preamp
This handles mic, line or instrument signals and offers variable gain, variable low-cut filter (30-400Hz) and switchable phase inversion. Phantom power is available, and the instrument input takes priority over the mic input when connected. There's up to 60dB of gain, and a six-section LED meter, calibrated for digital full scale, shows the input signal level, as well as providing a clip warning.

Optical Expander
This works like a soft noise gate, attenuating signals that fall below the threshold. It includes a six-section gain-reduction meter and controls for threshold and release time.

Vintage Harmonics
This section uses selective 2:1 compression below a user-defined threshold for both the mid-range and high frequencies. You can use this to add density and sparkle to a sound, rather like playing a Dolby A tape back with the Dolby switch turned off. Because the thresholds in the two frequency bands are variable, you can be as subtle (or otherwise) as you like, and the circuitry is designed so that no gain loss is suffered due to the use of compression — below-threshold signals are lifted rather than above-threshold signals being attenuated. Used with the Depth switch engaged, the degree of enhancement is more pronounced, and the effect may be switched before or after the compressor. Two meters show the gain boost in the two separate bands, and a bypass button is provided.

Optical Compressor
Unlike vintage optical compressor designs, this one has a very fast response time, but still appears to retain some of the control law non-linearities that make optical compressors sound musical. The control system has been simplified so that there are rotary controls only for threshold, release time and make-up gain. The compressor may be sited before or after the EQ and features two ratio settings and two attack time settings, both accessed by switches.

Tube Sound
This simulation of valve overdrive features variable drive and an indicator LED which shows how much drive is being applied to the harmonic generation circuitry. The Tone control allows the added harmonics to be progressively confined, down to 4.5kHz, when a warmer, smoother tonality is required.

Voice-optimized EQ
this is a four-section equalizer with two unorthodox mid-range controls. The Breath control affects the very high frequencies that create the sense of 'air' around a sound, while Warmth deals with the low range of the voice, rather than the traditional bass register. The Mid control is designed to address the part of the vocal spectrum associated with clarity, while Absence allows harshness in the 3.9kHz range to be notched out.

A process for singers who suffer from overly emphasized 'S' and 'T' sounds. This version notches out only the offending frequencies and so has fewer side-effects than one that affects a wide band of frequencies. The only controls are for cut frequency and threshold. The Listen button monitors the de-esser side-chain, making it easy to use the Frequency control to home in on the problem sibilance.

Zero-latency Monitoring
These facilities allow the performer to hear the 'live' signal from the Voicemaster Pro mixed with the soundcard monitor out and with an optional vocal effect, such as reverb. This avoids the distraction of listening to your voice in the headphones delayed by the computer's latency.

Output Section
A large level meter reads peak levels and shows digital full scale at its maximum point. When working with +4dBu analogue equipment, 0dBFS corresponds to around +22dBu, as this is the highest level most serious audio interfaces and soundcards expect to see. A master bypass switch defeats all the processing sections, and an ADC Lock LED shows when the internal A-D converter is locking to an external word clock source.