Drawmer Collet Knob with Yellow Pointer & Cap with Indicator Line

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This is a used Drawmer Collet Knob which fits the DS201 and many other Drawmer units (not included).


This replacement part is in good condition with normal cosmetic wear.

Product Details

This is an original Drawmer Collet Knob that fits the DS201 and many other Drawmer units. They use these style knobs on almost all of their gear, so it should work with anything that has a knob that looks like this.

This is a Collet knob, which means to install you have to remove the knob cap, loosen the inner ring under the knob cap, put it on the shaft, and then tighten the inner ring to secure it in place. There is a tool that does this, or if you're patient you can manage it with a tiny screwdriver, just driving one side until tight..

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