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DBX 118 Dynamic Range Enhancer w/ Bypass Mod


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This vintage DBX Model 118 Dynamic Range Enhancer has been modified with a bypass switch and has an attached Power Cable.


This unit has been modified with a bypass switch with relays.To use this, you must use the top inputs as those are what is hooked up to the relays for the bypass switch, and the bottom RCA inputs are disconnected. When the relay switches between being bypassed or not, it does make a popping sound, but it's still a superb feature to have, and these units don't normally have that as an option. This unit is in good condition with normal wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The DBX 118 is a single band linear expander, a linear compressor, a limiter, and a peak unlimiter.

Notice the expansion/compression control. You can use it to set just the amount of dynamic range expansion you want. Where large level variations are undesirable, you can instead compress the entire dynamic range, bringing the quiet and loud portions of your music closer together.

Just to the left is a threshold control. When expanding, this can be used to set the point in your music's dynamic range below which music becomes quieter, and above which it becomes louder. If you place the button on the far left in the out position, the 118 becomes an above-threshold expander, or peak unlimiter. This means only loud portions of the dynamic range which exceed your pre-set threshold will be expanded, (made louder).

Above threshold expansion is most useful for programs which were compressed only at high levels. If your 118 is in compression mode, the reverse is true - it becomes an above threshold compressor or limiter. That means signals rising above your threshold will be made more quiet.

The amber and red LEDs tell you when the signal is above or below threshold. They are your guide in setting threshold levels.

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