BBE 402 Maxie Stereo Sonic Maximizer

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This used BBE 402 MAXIE Stereo Sonic Maximizer comes with an attached Power Cable.


This sonic maximizer is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

The BBE Model 402 MAXIE Sonic Maximizer is an audio processor which can be used in many semiprofessional and Musical Instrument equipment applications to dramatically improve the quality of reproduced sound. It is rapidly becoming recognized as a simply applied, flexible tool which can solve many of the problems which recording engineers, musicians, and club sound technicians have been attempting to solve with more complicated and expensive equipment. It was designed for use in audio installations where signal is present at what is customarily called "Minus Ten Level" (-10 dBu, or .245 Volt RMS average signal level). This is the signal level used with most consumer sound equipment, disco equipment, smaller recording studio equipment, portable multitrack recorders, and small club PA systems. Using the BBE Maxie Sonic Maximizer in any of these applications will give remarkable improvements in clarity of reproduced or recorded sound, and will help retain that "live" sound.

The BBE Model 402 Audio Processor was designed to help solve a specific set of problems which are present in any sound system. To put the problem in its most simple terms, there are physical and electrical problems caused by the interaction between amplifiers and speakers in all sound systems which cause reproduced sound to become 'muddied' and less clear than the original. These distortion- causing problems generate phase and amplitude changes which must be dealt with if the sound system is to perform at its best in reproducing audio.