Avantone Pro Gauss 7 Active Studio Monitor Pair with GAU-AMT Hi-Fidelity AMT Drivers

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About this Product

This is a brand new Avantone Pro Gauss 7 Active Studio Monitor Pair with GAU-AMT Hi-Fidelity AMT Drivers.

Product Details:
THE LEGENDARY GAUSS IS BACK. INTRODUCING THE GAUSS 7 — A TRIBUTE TO GREATNESS Gauss: the next phase of Avantone Pro professional speakers. A timeless design, with the snap of vintage monitors, and the soundscape of modern monitors — a perfect reference, worthy of the Gauss name.The overall design provides more depth, as well as a wider stereo-field than most monitors in or near its price point. Acoustic precision taken from years of proven experience with the Avantone products such as the CLA-10. Custom ATM driver, and custom woofer designed and manufactured for the Gauss 7. A respectable amplifier (providing 120 watts for the woofer, and 60 watts for the AMT driver) provides much higher headroom than other active monitors, for a better dynamic experience. Flexible, yet simple acoustic tuning controls make room setup a breeze.

Introducing the Gauss 7 — a tribute to greatness.
Classics never die — Avantone is proud to bring Gauss back to the world with the Gauss™ 7 reference monitor.

Decades after the disappearance of the Gauss Speaker Company, the line has returned with a proper (low-end) bang. Gauss 7 mixes the old-school snap of vintage near-field monitors, with the bandwidth and frequency response of new-school monitors.

Its GAU-AMT tweeter provides ultra-smooth response, with an impressive stereo-field — making hours of listening time only feel like minutes. The folded AMT driver can only be described as transparent and accurate, with detailed transients. The Gauss 7 system delivers a super-wide “sweet spot”, precise imaging, and an impressive, natural, and accurate mid-range response.

Gauss 7 also features simple, yet very powerful acoustic-tuning controls. That, paired with the vertical dispersion of the GAU-AMT, means clean acoustic response in any room environment.

Gauss: the legend is back.

The GAU-AMT: a hi-fidelity AMT driver.
At the heart of the Gauss 7 lies the custom, patented-design GAU-AMT tweeter. The GAU-AMT provides the upmost detail, even to the most subtle of waveforms. The GAU-AMT’s delivers incredible stereo imaging, while maintainin a small vertical throw — this reduces unwanted acoustic reflections in a room, which helps minimize phase issues in an acoustic environment.

GAU-AMT’s impressive transient response comes from it’s 65mm polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film folded membrane, — the result is far beyond what can be achieved in typical dome tweeter designs. PET film was chosen as it’s the lowest resonant-frequency film, and hosts the lowest crossover point — all while still providing exceptional high-range frequency extension. The GAU-AMT coil is aluminum-etched PET film that is folded. The assembly is mounted in its own enclosure to prevent the backwave pressure from woofer.

The high-end frequency response (up to 22kHz) makes for an exceptional reference monitor for a massive range of music and sound materials. “Air frequencies” aren’t just audible, but very smooth. This not only provides an incredible reference monitor, but a monitor that’s built to listen to for hours-on-end.

  • An incredible reference monitor system, with fantastic transient response
  • Hi-fidelity GAU-AMT tweeter provides smooth "air" frequencies, impressive stereo imaging, super-wide "sweet spot", and less unwanted room reflections
  • A unique woofer design with old-school snap, and new-school bandwidth
  • Natural and revealing mid-range
  • Impressive 180W amplification per monitor
  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use Acoustic-Tuning controls
  • Unparalleled best-in-class reference quality

What's Included:

  • Gauss 7 studio monitors (pair)
  • Owners Manual

Warranty Period:  5 Years

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