Audio-Technica AT4033a Condenser Microphone

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This used Audio-Technica AT4033a Condenser Microphone comes with a Shock Mount.


This microphone is in very good condition with normal cosmetic wear, has been fully tested, and sounds exactly as it should. The shock mount is a brand new aftermarket mount that fits the microphone very securely. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

For over ten years the Audio-Technica AT4033a has been a favorite with audio pros and has become a standard by which to judge other mics. Its large gold diaphragm provides accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sounds. Your worship music deserves pristine audio whether it's in the studio or on the stage in front of a house of worshipers.

The AT4033a will bring clarity and new life to vocals, drum overheads, woodwind sections and guitar cabinets. Capture the sound that your other mics have been missing so that your audience can finally hear what they've been missing.