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Apogee Ensemble Digital Audio Interface

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This used Apogee Ensemble comes with a Power Cable.

This unit is in good condition with normal wear from use, has been tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details:
Apogee introduces Ensemble, a multi-channel digital audio interface designed specifically for use with Apple Macintosh computers. Ensemble is the first and only multi-channel audio interface to be controllable natively within Apple's Logic Pro software, creating a complete, fully integrated professional hardware and software system for audio production on a Mac. Ensemble is the "Logic-al" choice for music production on a Mac!

Apogee Ensemble FireWire Audio Interface at a Glance:

  • Custom engineered to work with new Macs and Logic Pro
  • 36-channel simultaneous audio

Custom engineered to work with new Macs and Logic Pro
Apple and Apogee worked closely to ensure the new Firewire Ensemble not only sets new standards for sound quality and performance but is also a natural extension of Logic Pro. Ensemble is the first all digitally controlled, professional audio interface, designed specifically for the Macintosh.

36-channel simultaneous audio
Ensemble features 36 channels of simultaneous audio, including eight channels of Apogee's legendary A/D and D/A conversion, four transparent, digitally controlled 75db mic preamps, eight channels of ADAT I/O, 2 channels of S/PDIF coax and optical I/O, and FireWire connectivity to and from the computer. Ensemble also includes such Apogee's features as SoftLimit, UV22HR, and Intelliclock.

  • Eight channels of premium 24-bit 192K AD/DA conversion
  • Four digitally controlled 75db microphone preamps
  • Two fully balanced inserts on mic pre channels
  • Four hi-Z instrument inputs capable of handling high-level instruments
  • Two individual, controllable and assignable high level headphone outputs
  • 2-, 6-, or 8-channel monitor outputs
  • Eight channels of ADAT I/O
  • FireWire 400 I/O, compatible with OS X Core Audio (no driver required)
  • Two channels of SPDIF I/O
  • Soft Limit for maximum digital input level without overs
  • UV22HR for superior dither of 24-bit resolution down to 16-bit
  • Advanced, dual-stage Intelliclock
  • Complete integration and control with Apple's Logic Pro Software
  • Compatibility with any CoreAudio software applications

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