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Apogee ClipMic Digital 2 Premium Lavalier Microphone Clip Mic Gen Two Lapel Lav

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Apogee ClipMic Digital 2 Premium Lavalier Microphone Clip Mic Gen Two Lapel Lav

ClipMic digital is the perfect personal microphone solution for capturing dialog, interviews, narration, lessons, auditions, singing and conferencing. The compact lavalier microphone capsule, combined with Apogee's analog-to-digital conversion and low-noise mic preamplifier technology, allows ClipMic digital to record and stream audio from your mobile device or laptop with sound quality previously only available with much more expensive solutions.

Get Closer to Your Sound
One of the most important benefits of ClipMic digital is that it allows you to put a microphone closer to the sound of your voice. A video is only as good as the audio you hear with it and if you are a vlogger, interviewer, lecturer, student, teacher or anyone making a personal video, ClipMic digital brings the microphone to you for the best sound and lets you position your camera where it needs to be for the best shot.

What's New with ClipMic digital 2
The all new custom microphone capsule in the second generation ClipMic digital is smaller and delivers a 10 dB lower noise floor than its predecessor. This translates to even cleaner recordings. And, ClipMic digital now comes with a protective travel case and interchangeable cables. Lightning, USB-C and USB-A cables for plug-and-play compatibility with iPhone, iPad, macOS and Windows are included.

Feature Highlights:

  • Premium lavalier microphone for iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Windows
  • Professional microphone capsule captures speech clearly
  • Studio quality Apogee converters pick up every detail
  • Wired microphone provides sound quality superior to wireless lavaliers
  • Extended cable lets you position your camera properly and keep the mic close to you
  • Comes in durable travel case with protective foam and cable organizer
  • Includes MetaRecorder, free iOS audio recording application

Make a great first impression by sounding your best with ClipMic
With so much of our day-to-day communication and collaboration relying on video calls while working remotely, it's never been more important to make sure your voice is heard, loud and clear. But it's not comfortable or practical to keep your ears plugged with headphones all day!

Whether you are catching up with the team, teaching and doing lessons online or interviewing for your next gig, ClipMic dramatically improves the audio quality of your Zoom, Skype and Google Meet calls.

Take your vlogging, live streams & social media content to the next level
Managing content as an influencer and content creator is hard, especially when you're on the go. You've got to manage the look of your content, what you're saying, how you're saying it, often in an environment that you don't control… and you're constantly surrounded by competition. The first thing that typically goes out the window when it comes to social media and influencer content is sound… and this often results in having even great looking video still feeling unprofessional. The good news is that recording professional quality sound on the go has never been easier than with the Apogee Clip Mic Digital 2. It's literally the perfect microphone for the next generation of content creators.

Make your audio sound as good as your iPhone & DSLR video
Bring the sound in your independent movies to life with Apogee Clip Mic digital 2, a professional USB and iOS-compatible lavalier microphone. While you might rely on DSLRs and iPhones as flexible tools for capturing great-looking video, to capture the emotion and articulation of your dialog clearly, you'll always want your microphone closer to the audio sourceâ€"your actors. Get the professional sound quality of a high-end lavalier microphone compatible with iOS, Mac and Android devices. No mixer required.

Easily capture your lectures & presentations
Do you want to capture your presentation, lecture or sermon with ease? ClipMic digital makes it simple to record high-quality audio while you focus on your message. And Apogee's MetaRecorder app for iPhone lets you easily access recording functions to quickly start, stop or pause your recording.

Make learning online & being heard easy for kids and students
Learning online is here to stay. And communicating and being heard in a virtual classroom setting is important for success and growth. Ideal for grade school children, music lessons, university courses and more, ClipMic digital helps students take the hassle out of connecting a microphone to their computer or iPhone and assures they will have exceptional sound quality for Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and more.

Capture performances & special events
There are amazing moments happening in your life you'll want to relive in the years to come. Children's recitals, performances, weddings, anniversaries and retirement parties â€" capture these memories with the best sound quality possible using ClipMic digital and the Apogee MetaRecorder App.

MetaRecorder app for iOS
Apogee's MetaRecorder is a two-channel audio recording app made specifically for the ClipMic digital microphone or any iOS microphone. The app is easy to use and offers professional quality, 24 bit/96 kHz audio recording as well as metadata features that make it simple to edit your video. You can also use MetaRecorder to adjust microphone input gain. Essential features of MetaRecorder can be controlled from Apple Watch â€" start and stop recording, add a take to Favorites, add Markers or set your microphone input level.

Transform Your Final Cut Pro® X workflow
Apply metadata tags like Keywords, Favorites, Markers and more to your audio files while recording in the field, then share the recorded audio and Final Cut Pro® XML files to Dropbox directly from MetaRecorder. When imported into Final Cut Pro on a Mac, the captured metadata greatly simplifies the process of organizing and parsing your media, substantially accelerating your post-production workflow.

What's Included

  • Apogee ClipMic digital 2
  • Carrying Case
  • Microphone Clip
  • Metal and Foam Windscreens
  • USB Cable (Type C)
  • USB Cable (Type A)
  • Lightning Cable
  • Set-up Information

Warranty Period

1 Year

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