Aphex Model 106 Easyrider 4-Channel Compressor with Minor Issue

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This used Aphex Model 106 Easyrider 4-Channel Compressor is stuck on -10 level on Channel 1 and comes with the Power Supply.


The Channel 1 level switch is missing from the back of the unit, and is stuck in -10 mode. The channel still works perfectly despite this minor issue, and the rest of the unit works as it should. This compressor is in good condition with normal cosmetic wear. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

Aphex Systems, Ltd. is the leader for innovative dynamics processing. The Compellor®, Dominator®, Expressor™ are world standards for production, mastering, P.A., and broadcasting. Recognizing that some users may not be able to afford those units, Aphex developed a low cost, EASY to use, gain RIDER.

The Easyrider is a four channel compressor which incorporates the ideals of Aphex design-pristine audio path controlled by intelligent detector circuits. The heart of the audio path Is tha exclusive Aphex Voltage Controlled Attenuator VCA 1001, It outperforms all other VCA's and is one of the reasons that Aphex products sound better than other dynamics processors.

The detector circuits of the Easyrider monitor the peak to average ratio of the input and adjust layered attack and release times automatically. The Easyrider is incredibly easy to use, simple and quick to set up, and sounds great for individual voices, instruments and sub-mixes as well as full program. Its slower time constants allow for openness at the same time the faster time constants control peaks.


  • Four discrete channels
  • Aphex VCA 1001
  • Automatic layered atack and release times
  • independent switches for fast or slow processing
  • 20dB gain reduction meter
  • Linkable pairs for stereo applications
  • -10dBV/ +4dBu switch on each channel
  • independent on/off switches
  • Power indicator