Alesis Quadraverb GT Guitar Effects Processor with New Display & Battery

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This Alesis QuadraVerb GT Guitar Effects Processor has a brand new display and backup battery installed and comes with a power supply.


This has been serviced with a new screen and a new backup battery. As lovers of the old Quadraverbs know, the batteries are all starting to go, and the backlights on the displays are either out, or fading rapidly. These two things are about the only things that ever go bad on these units. This one has BOTH replaced right before listing this. So this thing is ready to rock for many years to come. This effects processor is in very good condition with normal wear, has been fully tested, and works great. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

Product Details

Virtual swiss army knife of effects processors. Basically a Quadraverb+ with an analog preamp section tacked on for guitar effects.

This unit allows you to have 11 simultaneous effects (6 analog + 5 digital). Its preamp section is geared towards guitarists, but it is great for adding the extra "grit" to keyboards or drums.

Reverbs: plate, room, chamber, hall, reverse (all of which can be gated) Pitch effects: chorus, flange, detune, leslie, phaser Delays: Ping pong, mono, stereo, multitap EQ's: 3-band parametric, 5-band graphic, 11-band graphic Additional: LFO Panning, tremolo, ring modulation, tunable resonators, sampling

  • A studio-full of effects in one unit
  • Can act as two independent processors, analog and digital
  • Easy to program and modify
  • Lots of effect variations and set ups

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