Alesis HR-16 High Sample Rate 16-Bit Drum Machine

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This used Alesis HR-16 Drum Machine comes with the Original Box and a Power Supply.


This drum machine is in very good condition for its age, with normal cosmetic wear. This unit has been fully tested, and everything, including the pads, work exactly as it should. Please see pictures for details on item condition. Only what is pictured is included.

Product Details

The Alesis HR-16 (High sample Rate / 16-bit drum machine) is a user friendly, yet extremely powerful MIDI drum sequencer / sound generator. The sound generation cpabilities of the HR-16 include 16 independent drum "voices", each of which can be assigned to any one of 49 digial samples, and can be routed witha 7 position pan to one of twh sets of stereo outputs. Each voice can also be tuned independently in 32 seperate increments over an octave and a half.

The sequencing of the drums is accomplished by entering record, and then playing on the touch-sensative drum buttons on the front panel, which is then stored into a "pattern." There can be up to 100 patterns in the HR-16's memory (00-99). These patterns can be anywhere from 1 to 682 beats long. The patterns can be combined into lists of patterns, which are called "songs." There can be up to 100 songs in the HR-16's memory (00-99), and each can contain a list of patterns up to 255 steps long.

The 16 drum pads at the front of the HR-16 are velocity-sensitive. How hard the pad is hit determines the volume of the drum on 8 levels. 12 of the pads (all pads except Closed Hat, Mid Hat, Open Hat, and Crash) are each directly assigned to a voice. This mans that playing a pad repeatedly will retrigger the same voice, and no other pad will effect the voice.

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