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AKG C 3000 B Microphone

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This used AKG C3000B comes with an Mic Clip.

This microphone is in good condition with normal wear, has been tested, and sounds exactly like it should. Please see pictures for details on item condition - only what is pictured is included.

Product Details:
The smooth, clear and open sound of AKG Acoustics' C 3000 B has made it one of the world's most popular studio microphones. The C 3000 B was designed as a studio and stage microphone to be used for both vocal and instrumental recording applications in which large diameter capsule excels. Used for vocal applications as well for solo instruments, the C 3000 B can be custom tailored for almost any stage or studio task.

The earlier model C 3000 has had a large fan club in the project studio and home recording worlds for years. For the new C 3000 B, AKG designed a special 1-inch large-diaphragm transducer that closely approximates the vibration performance of top-class studio microphones, but can be made at much lower cost. The six-micron-thick active-mylar diaphragm that has been precision designed for the ideal frequency response. Inside the C 3000 B, the latest generation of Surface Mount (SMD) Technology ensures the microphone's electrical and mechanical stability. The features and performance of the C 3000 B make it at home anywhere, from your project or "high-end" studio to your live sound applications.

Due to its surface area and special capsule tuning, the C 3000 B large-diaphragm transducer produces an exceptionally pleasing, smooth sound. An improvement over the original mic, the C 3000 B's switchable -10dB preattenuation pad immediately follows the transducer in the signal path, thus increasing the C 3000 B's SPL capability by a true 10dB. Loud sound sources are therefore no problem. An acoustically optimized cardioid polar pattern makes the C 3000 B an excellent choice for both recording and live sound applications where high gain before feedback is important.

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