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Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard


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Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard

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Product Details

ERA Bundle is the fastest audio clean-up solution on the market. The newest version features incredible new tools and the biggest engine update yet, delivering staggering quality with the most intuitive workflow for creators. Innovative solutions empower you to fix even more audio issues than before, saving time in editing and enhancing your sound.

Tackle all the audio issues you routinely face, literally in seconds. Salvage tracks which cannot be recorded again. Get professional audio results with minimal effort. Improve the quality of your recordings by miles, even if you've never edited audio before. Complex software just doesn't get easier to use!


  • Noise Remover
  • Reverb Remover
  • AutoEQ
  • Leveler
  • Voice Deepener
  • Clean-Up Assistant. De-Esser
  • Plosive Remover
  • De-Clipper
  • Voice AutoEQ
    EQ is an art and science that takes years of trial and error to master, especially when it comes to voice correction and enhancement. That’s because our ears have evolved to be a lot more sensitive in that frequency range. Voice AutoEQ already knows what a good voice sounds like. After listening to your recording, it will automatically adjust its parameters to provide you with a great baseline of good sounding EQ, which you can adjust to taste afterwards. The Tonal Blending Control can steer processing towards your personal preference or help you match your dialog to another recording.

  • Voice Deepener
    Remember the first time you heard yourself in a recording? All that warmth and depth that comes from the voice resonating in the body gets left behind. Our voice sounds strange, leaving us with a surprisingly thin sounding result. Voice Deepener restores what’s missing. It helps you get a voice recording that is able to allure, convince and hook everyone! Just select the voice deepening amount that sounds right to you and let it do its magic. Professional post production engineers spend a ton of time in editing, in order to make voices sound more attractive and all around better for decades. The Voice Deepener helps you improve your voice in seconds, as it restores the real life warmth and depth that you feel when hearing your own voice.

  • Audio CleanUp Assistant
    Looking for the ideal audio repair chain is always crucial. But the process is tedious, time consuming and sometimes repetitive, especially when the audio problem at hand is complex . The new Audio CleanUp Assistant removes that burden by offering curated chains. It features presets for podcasting, vlogging, interviews, audiobooks and all sorts of content creation. And if you often have to deal with audio that has been recorded in the same conditions again and again, you can always save and recall your own presets. This will save you tons of time and effort!

  • Noise Remover Pro
    A new addition to the Pro series, the ERA 5 Noise Remover Pro takes advantage of the latest additions in the Standard engine and amps everything - six times over. ERA Noise Remover Pro has up to 6 spectral processing bands. By applying a different amount of processing to each band, you can further tune the algorithm performance on your particular source material. Save dialogue tracks which cannot be recorded again, remove unwanted elements with astonishing precision, and enjoy the ultimate control over your recordings.

  • Reverb Remover Pro
    No ADR? No problem. With the refined control of ERA Reverb Remover you can dig deeper and get tailored reverberation reduction on key frequency ranges. Each band has been fine tuned to work optimally in its range, while the complexity is managed automatically behind the scenes. Reverb reduction is one of the most demanding post production processes. ERA Reverb Remover Pro allows you to achieve surgical precision while remaining fast, simple and efficient.

  • Room Tone Match
    Joining recordings from different sources, for example your boom mic dialogue and ADR created in post, can be challenging. Even the untrained ear can pretty quickly spot the difference. ERA 5 Room Tone Match learns and then mimics the desired environment, making it appear as if the entire recording was one continuous take. Available as an AudioSuite plugin for Pro Tools only.

  • Noise Remover
    The ERA 5 Noise Remover is better than ever, with improved Hum/Buzz control and an engine tuning that gets you much better results and with far less artifacts. The simple single-dial interface stays the same and allows you to quickly improve your voice tracks. ERA Noise Remover is the go-to-solution for fast noise reduction and it is now better than ever.

  • De-Esser & De-Esser Pro
    The ERA 5 De-Esser has a brand new engine that’s built from the ground up to produce natural results with none of the harshness. Coupled with a new simplified UI that does more for you automatically behind the scenes, means De-Esser is faster than ever to work with, while the quality soars to new heights.

    The latest ERA De-Esser Pro is also updated to the brand new ERA 5 De-Esser engine. With additional power and a sophisticated interface on top it is the swiss-army knife of de-essers. Focused precision can handle extreme cases, while the intelligent processing keeps things quick and simple.

  • Voice Leveler
    Deep changes have made the ERA 5 Voice Leveler smarter and more effective. Modes are now automatically configured behind the scenes and the big knob keeps track of previously undiscovered nuances that guide its processing. The result is a far more natural sound while eliminating nearly all false detections. So much so, that transparent breath handling with the newly improved Breath Control is just icing on the cake.

  • Plosive Remover
    The ERA 5 Plosive Remover is now markedly better in detecting those pops, leading to improved consistency across every application. The facelift keeps things fresh, while using it is just as easy as ever.

  • De-Clipper
    The ultra high quality engine behind De-Clipper has gotten faster without compromising quality. The improved CPU performance means it now works better with slower computers or you can simply take advantage of the time saved while processing.

  • New UI elements
    All ERA 5 tools and plugins have been refreshed with a new streamlined UI that makes everything that much easier to use. Interactive controls like buttons and sliders are smoother, helping to reduce misclicks while a cleaner color palette improves cognition when quickly switching from one ERA 5 plugging to the next.

  • Coachmarking System
    Whether you’re new to ERA 5 or you just don’t have time for manuals, the new Coach marking system has you covered. From new user advice, all the way to advanced tips when working with chains, you’ll never have to get your eyes off the audio action.

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  • Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard delivered via digital download.

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