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Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle


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Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle

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Product Details

The Accusonus' Drum Mixing Bundle is pretty much all you need to mix and manipulate your drum recordings. It consists of Drumatom2, the world's first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings, and Beatformer, a supremely transparent audio effect plugin that allows you to effortlessly shape the sound of your drums. Running an extremely sophisticated algorithm under a simple and intuitive user interface, Drumatom lets you adjust, reduce or eliminate leakage in a way that was previously not possible with conventional tools. It scans your drum tracks, detects bleed and helps you dial in as little (or as much) as you want. Beatformer can be used in every drum track, whether you want transparent or extreme sound manipulation. Use Beatformer to add substance to thin sounds, to add colour and personal character and to glue your drum mix together. This plugin has four intuitive controls (Boom, Punch, Squash and Air) that offer powerful Digital Signal Processing in a delicate design.


  • Import drum recordings (WAV, AIFF, CAF)
  • Organize drum tracks into groups
  • Automatic name-identification of drum tracks
  • Drum group analysis using Machine Learning
  • Multiple groups batch analysis
  • Drum tracks waveform display and audio preview
  • Adjust drum bleed using the "Focus" knob
  • Make fine adjustments with the "Fine Tune" knob
  • Export processed tracks to WAV / AIFF files
  • Save / Open drumatom‚ processed groups (.dls) files


  • Semantic Knobs
  • Simple and streamlined user interface
  • Tuned algorithms for quick dynamics detection
  • Subtle-to-Extreme audio processing
  • Uncompromised sound quality
  • Transparent Limiter
  • Low latency (4ms)
  • Resizable UI

What's Included

  • Accusonus Drum Mixing Bundle delivered via digital download.

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