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Mile of Music 6 - 8/2/2018


This week is the 6th annual Mile of Music. We've got some amazing independent artists traveling to Downtown Appleton from all parts of the country. This is a very short article this week just to make a few announcements!

$ave Money!

We're celebrating independent artists by giving our biggest discount of the year. For this week - and this week only - we are taking off 15% from every item in the store! This includes microphones, interfaces, PA's, every guitar, used products and so much more!

Some items are on sale already or in discounted bundles, so these will be excluded. Either way, you can save hundreds of dollars!

Local Talent

For the first time, we will be hosting a live performance. On Saturday, August 4th, a local Middle School Duet named Creative Acoustics will be playing at 1:30pm and 2:30pm in our store. Feel free to stop in and check out some great music by talented artists!

We'll see you Downtown at the Mile!

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