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Korg DRV-2000

  • Item #: S16330
  • Condition: Used
  • Status: Out of Stock
USED product • REAL photos (click to enlarge)
price: $71.99
Condition: Used
Status: Out of Stock
This item is no longer available, but please check out our other used products.
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Product Overview

This Korg DRV-2000 Digital Reverb Processor has a broken +4Db input switch and does not have a back light on the display and comes with an attached Power Cable.

Condition:  This unit is in good condition, and has normal wear from racking and use. The +4Db switch on this unit does not work, so the unit only runs at -10Db which is what most people use it for anyways. The backlight on the display also does not work, so this unit may be difficult to read in lower light situations. Please see pictures for details on item condition.

What We Like:  This digital reverb processor has great vintage sounds and is easy to use!

Product Details:

The Korg DRV-2000. Much more than a professional 24-bit digital reverberation unit. Much more than a MIDI-compatible multi-effects unit, featuring 16 programs like Gate Reverb, Stereo Echo, Flanger, Space Pan, and dual effects programs like Reverb & Echo and Reverb & Chorus. Much more than a creative sound-processor that lets you program and store up to 80 of your own effects.

The DRV-200, like a musical instrument, can actually be controlled by the way you play. We call it Multi Modulation. It enables you to modulate parameters such as Reverb Time, Pan Speed, Echo Feedback Level and Gate Shape by the level of your playing, wheter you play electric guitar, sampling keyboard, sax or even drums. Each of the DRV's 96 powerful effects programs (16 presets, 80 user programs) can respond to your playing just as expressively as your own instrument does. MIDI users can modulate the DRV-2000's effects by MIDI touch sensitivity and a full range of MIDI controllers. You can also use optional foot controllers for Multi Modulation, as well as for selecting programs and cancelling effects, leaving your hands free to play your music.

The Korg DRV-200 Digital Reverb - it responds like a musical instrument.